Accurate consumer data and effective target marketing will help you reach the right customer. Combined with the correct timing, through the right channel and with an appropriate message, these ingredients are vital for generating new business and maintaining continued growth.

Whether you are looking to acquire new customers, re-connect with lapsed customers or improve your current customer relationships, we can offer you data to help you increase your sales and profitability.

We have access to millions of prospects with many demographics to choose from such as income and expenditure, lifestyle preferences, savings and investments, insurance renewal dates and online behaviour. Or the filtering can be as simple as choosing customers who have opted-in for marketing for your particular marketing sector. A frequent supply of enriched and cleansed data will help you to achieve ongoing business growth.

This is what we will do

  • Assess your data needs – do you need B2C or B2B data?
  • Confirm your target market and the type of data you require.
  • Confirm what specific data you require E.g name and address, mobile number?
  • Clarify the data quantities you require along with your delivery requirements.
  • Confirm the price per lead.
  • Offer complete transparency of the data collection processes used- see our Data Compliance section.
  • Demonstrate our governance and compliance with the current Data Protection laws and industry standards (e.g. the ICO and DMA) and our commitment to the new forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation.
  • All data provided is screened against the Telephone Preference Service and mobile numbers are screened for ‘live’ or ‘dead’ status and so no dead number will be supplied.

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