Why Halo?

Halo Consultancy has been in business since 2004 and has focussed on customer engagement through relevant and compliant data supply, backed up with professional and responsive call centre service. Halo’s business initially focused on outsourcing to overseas call centres but overtime Halo diversified to offering UK based centre solutions. Halo also learned that ‘data’ is the premium currency that encourages businesses to grow. Therefore, the combination of compliant and appropriate customer engagement with a professional response team has allowed Halo’s clients to grow rapidly.

Halo is a small but nimble operation and its size allows it to have greater control and flexibility over its campaigns. This also means Halo is dynamic and fast moving in its approach whilst ensuring that all legal, regulatory and compliance issues are adhered to in full.

If you like life in the fast line but with seat belts fully fastened, join Halo for the ride. You won’t be disappointed!